Yoga – Zoom Online

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Tuesday – Chair Yoga
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
60 Minute class $10.00

Wednesday – All Levels Mat
8:00 am – 8:30 am
30 Minute Class $7.00

Lisa O’Brien-Zorbalas, CRM, ERYT

yoga class on zoom

Yoga – In Studio
at Halo Wellness Center

Wednesday – All Levels Mat Yoga Class
TBA 2023
8:00 – 9:00 am
Must pre-register with Lisa at 856-261-0554 (24 hours) before class due to limited space.

The in-person class will be held with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 students. Masks will not be required.


Halo Wellness Center
968 Route 73
Marlton, NJ 08053

yoga class with lisa obrien

Lisa O’Brien-Zorbalas, CRM, ERYT

Yoga Class Description

Yoga and Meditation
Begins with a centering meditation, warm ups and postures designed to calm the nervous system and bring centering and focus to the mind. Class will finish with different forms of meditation that includes savasana (relaxation)

Yoga Mix
Combines hatha and vinyasa yoga, meditation and breath work for an all around approach to weight loss, toning muscles, strengthening bones, flexibility, stress relief and more. This is an all-levels class.

Chair Yoga for Everyone
Designed to share a combination of techniques that you can use in your daily life to build body awareness, connecting the mind and body with the breath. The activities promote the ability of participants to feel empowered for their own well being. From a safe seated or supported standing position you will strengthen muscles and increase flexibility and practice balance. You will experience centering, visualization exercises and yoga breathing techniques to reduce stress and improve mental focus.

Private Yoga Sessions
Experience one-on-one instruction in your home focusing on proper alignment. A session includes guided meditation and centering, pranyam and a practice that is specific for your needs.

Cost $60.00 + travel – for 60 minute session

Harmonic (Chakra) Yoga Series
Through experiencing Harmonic Yoga you will learn important information about your energy centers and how to access and stimulate them through asanas (movement), pranayama (breathing), and dhyana (meditation). Learn which yoga asanas (postures) help to open certain energy centers (chakras) and move the energy throughout the body creating improved health and well-being. Discover how different voice vibrations and breathing techniques can activate these centers. Learn various meditations that focus on particular chakras which allows you to center and relax easily. This seven week series is designed to give special attention to each individual chakra, as well as, working with the entire chakra system. This is an all-levels class and one you will not want to miss. Cost: $80.00 for 4-week series (90 minute classes)

Instructor: Lisa O’Brien, ERYT, CRM

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Aspects and Benefits of Yoga

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit, which means union. Yoga is the union of the body, mind, and Spirit. Yoga can lead to improved health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. Research shows that yoga helps manage and control anxiety, fatigue, stress, depression, headaches, back pain, blood pressure, joint pain, circulation, and more. Yoga can be practiced by anyone and works within all levels of strength and flexibility. All yoga poses can be modified to suit any body type and range of motion. Yoga can improve your quality of life by promoting a restful sleep, assist with weight loss, and promote healthy life habits. Yoga not only improves the musculature and skeletal system, but also works on the digestive, nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems.

Hatha Yoga
Originally developed as a system to make the body strong and healthy enough to enable mental awareness and spiritual enlightenment. A typical hatha yoga routine consists of a sequence of postures (asanas) designed to work all parts of the body, with particular emphasis on making the spine supple and healthy, increasing circulation, and improving mental awareness. Hatha yoga utilizes the breath in sequence with the postures reducing tension in the body, stress and anxiety, increasing balance, muscle length and strength, as well as, focus and mental clarity.

Pranyama & Mantras
The objective of Pranayama is to attain complete control of the Prana. It is the breathing process or the control of the motion of inhalation, exhalation and the retention of vital energy. Prana strengthen and irrigate the body maintain continuity. A Pranayama practice teaches the balance between effort and effortlessness and develops mental concentration and clarity, along with vibrant good health. It helps you prepare to sit for meditation.