Lisa O’Brien-Zorbalas


Lisa O’Brien-Zorbalas, E-RYT, CRM is a veteran certified yoga teacher, Tibetan Reiki Master, Light Grid practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

She offers private and group sessions in yoga, Reiki, Light Grid Healing, meditation, drumming, personal growth classes, holistic retreats and more.

Lisa is an advanced energy intuitive specializing in clearing blockages and negative programs out of the energy system for healing and advancement on one’s path.

She has developed her skills through Master teachers.

Since 2003, Lisa has attended numerous trainings, workshops, classes and teachings in the holistic field. She has explored teachings of nutrition, Ayurveda principles, Indigenous Ceremonies, Crystals, Astrology and Yoga. She has explored many energy modalities such as Reiki, Marconics, Donna Eden energy medicine, Minjushri and Light Grid. She immersed herself in Shamanic practices such as Soul retrieval, Cord release, Drummng, Sweat lodges and Vision Quest.

Her focus for the past several years has been on the Light Grid and Quantum work as she feels it is the most direct and efficient way to shift one’s energy and release programs and blockages.

Credentials as Holistic Teacher and Practitioner:

Year(s) Credentials
2023 Certified in Hypnotherapy through Joseph Drumheller
2003 Certified as a Tibetan Reiki Master through Wellness Workers
2005 Certified as a Yoga teacher through Lourdes Wellness Institute
2005 Certified as a Minjushri Practitioner through Derek O’Neill
2008-2013 Instructor of Meditation and Energy Courses at Camden County College
2003-2014 Founder and creator of Bliss Body Yoga Studio
2009 – present Training intensives of Light Grid Healing techniques with Damien Wynne
2010-2013 Studied with Grandmother Pathweaver (Native American teachings)
2010-2013 Studied with Ed Rothwell, Master drummer (Native American teachings)
2010-2018 Studied with Mark Barfoot, Cherokee Wolf Clan Indian
2014 – present Facilitate Holistic Destination Retreats

Lisa O’Brien-Zorbalas

Lisa OBrien - chakras

Lisa’s Heart Chakra
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