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For thousands of years, cultures from all over the world have embraced and celebrated the healing power of the drum, and the incredible spiritual energy of the drumming circle. A way of building and healing community, these circles allow us to move beyond words and find emotional releases through deeper rhythm.

Grab a drum, a tambourine, a rattle, a rain stick, or anything else you might have and join us. If you do not have an instrument, we have a few to share!

The Drum healing circles are open to Everyone! There is no fee for attending a drum healing circle. A suggested Donation of $20 cash will be given to the Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge to support there amazing cause.

Once you have registered, additional information will be provided.

Lisa O’Brien-Zorbalas, CRM, RYT

$20.00 suggested donation

Payments are with PayPal or Square.
For additional options, contact Lisa directly.

drum healing circle
Drum Healing Circle

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