Wisdom, Compassion and Dedication

“For years I have been trying to discover what has been holding me back from feeling love and true happiness.

Of the numerous programs/approaches and teachers/healers I have worked with, my undying gratitude and love goes to Lisa O’Brien-Zorbalas.

Through incorporating Light Grid Healing, quantum field work, insights, gentle encouragement and a powerful connection to her spiritual guides, we have discovered and released many of the negative programs, blocks and beliefs that were sabotaging my ability to sustain inner peace and joy. Lisa‘s healings always leave me feeling grounded, safe, loved and reassured that “Truth is my Identity”. Her wisdom, compassion and dedication to humanity are inspirational. She is love incarnate.

The majority of our sessions have been in person; however, the recent Covid restrictions have required a switch to remote. I have found these sessions to be as powerful as in person. I can’t speak highly enough of Lisa and encourage anyone who is looking for a life shift or has a desire to do deep inner work, to place their trust in her.”


Deeply Life Changing

“Lisa’s gift is phenomenal! I am so changed from last summer since I started seeing Lisa. Deep rooted issues have been cleared and I feel healthy, energetic and quite blissful. For the first time in my entire life I feel that I am beautiful and truly more than good enough. Every area of my life has been improved tremendously! I truly cannot express in words my gratitude for Lisa’s help with my healing. Deeply life changing!”


My Life is Transformed

“Lisa is a beautiful energy healer! Through my sessions with Lisa, I have transformed my life . It has not always been easy or comfortable , but it is great to feel happy and anxiety-free for the first time I can ever remember! I am so grateful to Lisa for her gifts of healing energy, her compassion , and her guidance and support through this process. I recommend her to anyone looking to overcome unhappiness or trauma of any kind.”


Her Energy Work is the Best I’ve Experienced

“Lisa is an amazing gentle spirit. Her energy work is the best I’ve experienced in over 20 years. Words cannot really convey the powerful work she offers. Her commitment to practicing what she preaches is evident in her effectiveness. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious in becoming all that they can.”


You Trust Being in Her Hands

“Lisa’s warmth, kindness and genuine character shine throughout her being and her work! Her caring nature makes you trust being in her hands. After a session with Lisa, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm, peace and wholeness.”


She Has a Wonderful Energy

“Lisa is surrounded by a wonderful energy. She offers professional support in such a knowledgeable, loving, caring way that it remains with you beyond any one session. Lisa has inspired my love of yoga and as a fellow teacher, has been a tremendous source of strength and motivation.”


You Must See Her

“Lisa is someone that you must see in your lifetime. Her warm loving energy touches you, and her beautiful crystal sparkly looks and her way of warm words comfort you, and you will agree with me the moment you meet her. She is courageous, ambitious and a good-hearted leader who always pursues her purpose on Earth in multiple functions and serves and shares her highest knowledge with you. I know that everything she does has much meaning to us and to the planet. Most importantly her passion for her practice is remarkable!”


An Inspiration to Other Healers

“I cannot completely describe how thankful I am to know you. I have met many people in the healthcare field who voice how good they are or what they can do but in your case you live to help others. You are constantly learning and putting into practice healthy lifestyles. The down to earth way I have seen you explain and teach others how to be a healthier person is an inspiration to other healers. You truly are a guiding light that has helped me in many ways inspiring me to do better. You are much better than even you may think. Keep on shining!”


Happy to Be One of Her Yoga Students

“I have been taking yoga classes with Lisa for a year and a half. I felt an instant connection with Lisa; she has such a caring, calming and peaceful way about her. After enrolling in a class I was “hooked” and decided to add an additional class to my weekly schedule. I now practice with Lisa twice a week. I have such a sense of physical and emotional well-being after my classes. Lisa is a gifted teacher, and I am happy to be one of her students.”

Mary Beth

Lisa Will Help You Shine

“You will absolutely love working with Lisa, whether it’s for yoga instruction or any of the energy therapies! Lisa’s genuine caring and warmth shine through all that she does. She treats each person as a unique individual and with the utmost respect. Personally I experienced 3 of her Rising Star sessions, and came away with great vitality and well-being. The sessions cleared old energy blocks, and allowed me to become more of my true self. Lisa will help you shine, too!”

Michele Q.

Wonderful Experience as Lisa’s Yoga Student

“I have had the great fortune of being one of Lisa’s yoga students for several years now. She is an attentive teacher who is always willing to accommodate the various needs and abilities of her students. Her patience, compassion, sense of humor, and healing touch make each class a new and wonderful experience. Lisa inspires me not only in my yoga practice, but also in my everyday life.”


Lisa Helped Me Transform and Heal

“Lisa is simply amazing. So gifted, genuine, selfless, fully focused on helping you. Lisa: thank you for helping me transform and heal. I am so very grateful to you!”


Incredibly Gifted

“Lisa has been working on me for a while now and I can honestly tell you she has changed my life all for the better. I wouldn’t trust any other person to do the soul work Lisa does. She is incredibly gifted and the world is certainly a better place with Lisa in it.”


Humbly Powerful, Insightful, and Gentle

“Incredible is an understatement to describe Lisa! Lisa is an incredibly intuitive and spiritually guided healer! She’s humbly powerful, and insightful and gentle in her healing practice – whether that’s in her yoga teaching or her energy work. She brings herself fully present to her clients. I’m blessed to have her as a friend, and as a healer in my life! Thank you, Lisa! My life wouldn’t be the same without you in it!”


Grounded in the Truth of Love

“I am eternally grateful to you for how you continuously hold a space of love and point me back, over and over toward my spirit and the truth of Love. Words aren’t enough, but here are some anyway:

Lisa’s unconditional regard and committed alignment with her creative spirit grounded in the truth of Love and with time, patience and willingness, I am continually discovering the unending potentiality of the multi-faceted, light-filled, powerful healer within as a small but glimmering facet of all that is.”


A Remote Session is Equally Effective

“I have benefited enormously from Reiki and Light Grid Work for resolving both physical and emotional problems, over the last 15 years. Lisa has finely tuned intuitive skills and is a very powerful healer. I try to keep a regular schedule of appointments but Covid restrictions presented an obstacle to settling into the “safe place” Lisa provides. Amazingly, a remote session is equally effective as an in-person session. I like to set up my own quiet space at home, receive a phone call, and I can rely on receiving the same benefits of feeling deeply relaxed, grounded and strong.”

Joanne Z.

The Blessing of Learning to Listen

“While my journey is mine alone, my journey is that one thread in the tablecloth of all our journeys. After driving my spirit guides crazy for years as I just didn’t seem to be able hear them when they whispered messages to me. I feel they placed Lisa in my path and that gave me the blessing of learning how to be able to listen to those voices in my head but more importantly in my heart. My in-person sessions with Lisa are my first preference, however, so far I have attended a couple of the remote sessions and I feel the healing energy flow the same as if it were an in-person session. The bottom line is the healing and awakening of the soul is happening, whether it is in person or via a remote service.”

Carolyn A.

I Have Grown, Healed, and Expanded

“I have been attending Lisa’s Light Grid healing sessions for many years. Whether as a group healing, In person, or remotely, her sessions have helped me tremendously. I have grown, healed, and expanded in many ways and I am eternally grateful for her work. Lisa is a magnificent, knowledgeable, beautiful soul.”

Nancy M.


Total Wellness From The Inside Out