Bliss Body Light

Holistic healing to release disruptive patterns
and expand your growth and full potential.

Integration of Spirit, Mind & Body

A wholistic approach to total wellness through yoga, reiki, energy clearing, drumming, meditation, workshops, personal growth classes and more.

  • Increase your energy and vitality

  • Work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels

  • Support your body’s natural ability to heal itself

  • Help relieve your pain and discomfort

  • Reduce your stress and promote a state of total relaxation

  • Create awareness and inner harmony

  • Work on emotional and mental imbalances

  • Loosen blocked energy and balance your energy

Lisa O’Brien-Zorabalas, ERYT, CRM

Clearing & Light Grid

Awaken your original connection and clean up your blueprint, body, mind and soul. Cleanse your DNA. Remove dense energies from cells.

reiki session


Support your good health and wellbeing. Create a sense of inner peace and total relaxation. Addresses chronic and acute conditions.

Quantum Healing

Restore vitality by rewriting the energetic blueprint of your body. Deactivate the frequencies within that cause misalignments.



Calm your nervous system and bring balance and focus to the mind with centering, warm up and postures. Conclude with a relaxing meditation.



Quiet your conscious mind and enhance creativity. Relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Deactivate and calm PTSD, panic attacks and phobias.

classes and events

Events & Classes

Expand and shine with a Group Clearing Light Grid Activation or Drum Healing Circle. Empower yourself with L.I.G.H.T. courses and Reiki classes.

“Lisa is an amazing gentle spirit. Her energy work is the best I’ve experienced in over 20 years. Words cannot really convey the powerful work she offers. Her commitment to practicing what she preaches is evident. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious in becoming all that they can.”


“I’ve attended Lisa’s Light Grid healing sessions for many years. Whether as a group healing, in person, or remotely, her sessions have helped me tremendously. I have grown, healed, and expanded in many ways and I am eternally grateful for her work. Lisa is a magnificent, beautiful soul.”


“Lisa is surrounded by a wonderful energy. She offers professional support in such a knowledgeable, loving, caring way that it remains with you beyond any one session. Lisa has inspired my love of yoga and as a fellow teacher, has been a tremendous source of strength and motivation.”



Total Wellness From The Inside Out