The recordings on this page are ‘living recordings’, which means that the recording evokes locked up energy to be released from your system for your well-being. You are the healer of yourself and these recordings have been created to assist and support your process. Every time you listen to a recording, your system goes into deeper layers of that which needs to be released. You can listen to them at any time during the day and as often as you would like, including while sleeping.


Chair Yoga Mix

Chair Yoga is for beginners of all ages. Learn movements to open and strengthen the upper body and lower body using 1 to 2 lb weights or none at all.



Disassociation happens when we experience any type of stress. If stress remains in the body it can form protective mechanisms in our personality traits.


Connect to Higher Self

Emotional stress can cause blocks in our system that can disconnect us from ourselves, others, and Creation. Release blocks and fully embody your Spirit.


Reclaim Your Power

Our belief systems and stories can create a block in the connection to our Power. As we release stress, prejudices, and regrets, we reclaim our power.



Everything in Creation is made up of systems. You have the power to make changes. This interconnection is key for embodying our Spirit and being Whole.


Tap into Your Gifts

Programming, ego, comparisons, incorrect belief systems, stress and more, can keep us from believing in many of our abilities and tapping into our gifts.


Release Worry & Fear

99% of our worry and fears are mind-created. Release unnecessary fears. We can support the nervous system to create peace, calm and centeredness.


Unite Spirit and Body

As we release topics, stress and programming from our system, we can then embody our Spirit fully. Learn the process to be fully integrated with our Spirit.


Connect with Elementals

Understanding our connections is Source is crucial to our well-being. Your system can energetically work on improving these connections.


Release Program of Lack

Release ancestral lack and stories projected through commercialism and fear. The Universe is abundant. Our frequency determines our experience.