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LIGHT Initial Course
7 Class Training
TBA for 2021

LIGHT Advanced Course
4 Class Training
TBA for 2021

The infinite Universes are all made up of systems.
To simplify, as an example; the body system is made up of the digestive, reproductive, circulatory, lymphatic, etc. systems. Our body system is part of our family system which makes up the community system, which makes up all of our work systems, which makes up the world systems and so on. This is what makes up the energetic Universal grid. Everything affects everything.

We perceive the world of appearances because light has an opposite: the shadow. Between light and shadow we find judgments, concepts and convictions, conditioning, belief systems and much more which resonate on a cellular level. As we clear distortion from the cells and energy system we can feel more connected to that place of centeredness. That place of neutrality or zero point.

Light Integrated Grid Healing Therapy is appropriate for those who want to use it for their personal development as issues of the participants are always worked on. The classes can support an intense opening of the personal light channel and intuitive access to universal knowledge.

Participants experience the role of the practitioner, as well as the role of the client.

Information and techniques are offered. You will receive handouts, teachings and energetic clearings during each session.

Lisa O’Brien-Zorbalas, ERYT, CRM

Fee for courses $111.00 per class.

More information coming soon.

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