LIGHT – Light Integrated Grid Healing Therapy Class

February 25, 2024
offered online through Zoom

10 AM – 2 PM

The infinite Universes are all made up of systems.

To simplify, as an example; the body system is made up of the digestive, reproductive, circulatory, lymphatic, etc. systems. Our body system is part of our family system which is part of the community systems which is part of the world systems, and so on. Therefore, everything is connected like a grid.

The human body and the human mind are not separate from the rest of our environment. Everything that is, is comprised of energy. So in actuality, we are this energy, which is vibrating in such a way that it differentiates us as from other forms of Creation but not separate from them. Clearing the programs and traumas from our system allows us to come into alignment with our unique blueprint and clears the grid of distortions in order to support all of the systems which we are connected.

Light Integrated Grid Healing Therapy is appropriate for those who want to use it for their personal development as issues of the participants are always worked on. The classes can support an intense opening of the personal light channel and intuitive access to universal knowledge. This information can also support others.

Information and techniques are offered. You will receive handouts, teachings and energetic clearings during the 4-hour class.

Lisa O’Brien-Zorbalas, ERYT, CRM

Exchange fee: $111.00

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