Quantum Field and Healing

Information is from a paper by Fred Garcia M.D. Ph.D.

At our most fundamental level, the human body and the human mind are not separate from the rest of our environment. Everything that is, is comprised of energy. So in actuality, we are this energy, which is vibrating in such a way that it differentiates us as human instead of a table or any number of other things we see in our everyday lives. It was not until the mid-20th century that quantum physicists first identified this “energy field” which seemed to lie at the heart of existence. Science identified it as an omnipresent energetic substructure. And they called it the Zero-Point field.

The quantum field is a subset of the zero point field. The quantum field occurs as a result of the interaction of the electromagnetic waves of the zero point field and the subatomic particles of the quantum field. The interaction results in scalar waves. These waves do not have direction or spin but in reality these waves are interference patterns that are transformed via a holographic Fournier transformation into material reality. This transformation is conducted by consciousness.

Matter springs forth into physical reality from the wave nature of the quantum field. Everything in our universe, no matter what its size, is part of and is comprised of the quantum field. Matter itself is made of waves. All matter in the universe is interconnected as and by quantum waves which have no boundary. They are infinite. To the spiritual community, this means “zero-point” is a state of perfect resonance that contains all of the frequencies of all that is and ever was, which equates to the simultaneous presence and absence of all possibilities. The quantum field is the scientific basis of oneness.

Living things, (being part of the quantum field) emit radiation (which has frequency). This radiation emitted by living things can be seen and measured as photons. Photons are the smallest particles of light. One of the most essential sources of these photon emissions in living things is DNA. DNA may in fact use the frequencies giving off this light to drive all processes within the living body. And what’s more, the frequencies which are giving off this light may be responsible for the communicative cohesion between species, which science cannot yet explain, such as the way a school of fish is able to achieve instantaneous, synchronized movement.

These frequencies may also account for extra sensory perception. The quantum field can account for such unexplained communicative capabilities because the quantum field is the space of collective consciousness. This suggests that our “harnessing” of the quantum field (though still physically in its infancy), can happen and does happen every day through our thoughts. The implications of this are vast. This means we create reality through our consciousness and therefore thoughts, which gives us the inherent yet not fully realized ability to make anything exactly as we wish it to be… including ourselves.

Because the quantum field is the space of collective consciousness, the quantum field is an informational field. Our bodies “read” this information and then interpret it for us into physical reality (Rupert Sheldrake). In other words, it interprets from the information in the quantum field what we then see, taste, touch, feel, hear and even ARE. This means consciousness and even memory are not functions of the body. Consciousness and thought supersede our bodies. And memory is simply retrieved from the quantum field by our brains.

The brain is like a quantum computer. If thought and memory exist outside the confines of the body (as part of the totality of the quantum field) physical structure synchronizes with the information and frequencies it interprets from the quantum field, this means that your consciousness and the thoughts you think can determine what your body becomes. This is in fact the reason for the placebo effect.

Quantum Healing Benefits

  • Restore your equilibrium

  • Assist your body to achieve homeostasis

  • Deactivate frequencies within the body which cause misalignment

  • Restore your vitality by re-writing the energetic blueprint

Quantum Healing Session

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A session consists of a consult, opening your field followed by a chakra alignment, balancing and grounding of the system.

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