Emotional Cord Release

It seems we are always in the process of becoming, giving birth to who we are at this moment. In this process of birthing, becoming, is also the little deaths, the letting go of that which no longer serves us. This includes old relationships, old ways of acting, reacting, and interacting.

What if we had some way of releasing the energy that we are still putting to that which is outdated? One of the ways is through “Cord Releasing”.

The process, the ceremony of “Cord Releasing” is based on the premise that when we enter into relationship with a person, or even business relationships, and contracts of all sorts, an energetic thread or cord is activated. As we move through life, often these relationships no longer are what we need or want them to be.

“Cord Releasing” allows for the energetic thread that has been running to be removed. Relationships don’t have to end, but this allows for new beginnings instead of being trapped in the past.

Sometimes, we want relationships to end, such as when you are no longer in a relationship with a lover. Every time you enter into such a relationship, particularly one that leads to sexual involvement, an energetic thread is started. If the relationship continues, the thread gets stronger. Often, people can feel this, or have an intuitive sense of what is going on with their partner. This is due to the energetic connection. Even relationships that are ended, years later there still can be a tapping in.

cord removal

Cord Release Benefits

  • Recharge your energy

  • Enjoy a deeper sense of peace

  • Release attachment and obsessing

  • Feel lighter

  • Gain more focus and clarity

  • May help improve an existing relationship

Private Cord Release Session

60 minutes in person $95.00

Includes rebalancing of system, chakra alignment and grounding.

Payments are with PayPal or Square.
For additional options, contact Lisa directly.


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